Mar. 2nd, 2016

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Steven Wilson concert was absolutely amazing. I think it was the best concert I ever went to in my life. We both actually cried. Twice. On a rock concert! The videos that were accompanying the performance were amazing and very artistic on their own, and everything worked together really well. The videos can’t really convey the unique spark that was there yesterday – I knew the material and I didn’t expect such an impact. Still, they are worth seeing.

This one is I think one of his best compositions from previous album:

What a drummer… And the base line. An everything really. His keyboardists played with Miles Davis for years and keyboard solos are unmatched. The song is 12 minutes (!) in best traditions of prog rock. Worth listening to, every second of it.

This was the one that made us cry. Takes a while to develop. The stop motion animation video was screening on a huge screen behind the musicians:

And then he did a tribute to David Bowie, saying that his death symbolizes an end of the era when mainstream pop and rock musicians could  experiment and create music as a true art form. The lighting has stopped and a huge photo was put on the screen and I think not many spectators could resist tears while that song was playing:

The video can’t convey the emotions going on in the audience – and I was never a big fan of David Bowie.

And just a couple more videos of his music for those who don't know him (and not many do).


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