May. 5th, 2016

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Now that Copy_com is dead, I need an offline cloud backup but I also need file versioning so I can restore any file state from the past. This is the best free solution I could devise: I backup all work, document, and photos to Degoo cloud (I have 127Gb free there, they give 100Gb free and if you register using my link you will get another 3Gb: They don’t have file versioning, so I also run Genie Timeline free edition on my PC, it backs everything up locally, and I can restore any file in any versions from any day it compares and backs up files every 8 hours and backs up changes for all files. So I have offline backup for something drastic, like if my PC gets stolen or a nasty virus formats all hard drives, and I have local backup for versioning, so if I overwrite a file and need to restore previous version I can.

I still don’t have good backup for my videos, as they need 400-500Gb space… So local backup only for now.


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