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I just love it that the dishonest campaign to change the election outcome by pushing the electors to "vote their conscience" against Trump has backfired and while Trump has lost 2 electors, Hillary has lost 5 (!!!) Yes, 250% electors defected from Hillary compared to Trump ones. That's what happens when you try to make decent people behave dishonestly.
As much as I don't like Trump, I don't like Hillary much more and I have to appreciate the dynamics of this election. I have to say the whole election has restored my faith in humanity. Not everything is lost yet. I think it's a great thing that despite such an unlikable and "unelectable" candidate, people were so genuinely appalled by a corrupt and pathological liar that is Hillary, that he won no matter what. People still don't like when smug elites treat them like fools, and Americans are willing to act on it. Same thing with electors: that was so outrageous and dishonest to try to change the election results, that she lost more electors than Trump did. He also gained some votes in recount by the way, and there was a huge democratic voter fraud in Detroit with 20% of ridings having more ballots then voters, and had to be disqualified completely!
It was always the case that leftist exhibited all the traits that they accused others to have, but this cycle it became so apparent. Threatened by the "new Hitler" they stopped masking their true ideology, and gloves are now off so everyone can see the left in all its glory. Journalists are now officially write propaganda instead of news and admit to purposely trying to influence the people "for the greater good" instead of reporting objectively. Democratic elections are now only good for them when they win, but if they lose - it's time to change the results by any dishonest means possible. Lying under oath and being corrupt is OK now for the same reason. Blatantly ignoring terrorism's true cause for the sake of political correctness is the norm. Even the leftist professors in the oversaturated by leftist ideology education system are starting to notice that it's impossible to teach anything when you can't even talk about many things without "triggering" students and getting fired. Equal rights became "some are more equal than others" and in the pursuit of "social justice" they achieved a travesty of a civilized society. Normal people that support true equal rights and jsutice and are totally non-biased against any religion, race or ethnicity are tired of being routinely called fascists, homophobes, islamophobes and xenophobes. The American people said "enough!" in this election. And electors also have defected from the leftist ideological machine. And so not all hope is lost for us yet.
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