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I need to replace my furnace and AC. I got a very good quote from a good installer for Goodman models GMEC96080 and GSX16036. He can install American Standard, which is a more reputable company but it's $900 more (models AUH1B080A9H31C-ECM and 4A7A4036L1000A). Goodman reputation is questionable, many people say it's not as reliable, but many say it's perfectly fine if installed right (Amana is made by the same company as Goodman but has much higher reliability rating, so it may be installation issues). On top of that AS AC model is 14 SEER, when Goodman model is 16 SEER, and AS burner is single stage 95% efficiency while Goodman model is dual stage 96% efficiency. So is it worth it to pay $900 more and get less efficient setup?
There is an option to pay $1250 instead and get dual stage AC furnace, but still less efficient AC. So I can pay $5000 + tax - $650 rebate for efficient Goodman, or $5900 + tax - $650 for dramatically less efficient American Standard, or $6250 for efficient AS furnace and less efficient AS AC.
I'm trying to make an educated decision, but there is so much noise on the Internet that it's difficult to filter out. I'm inclined to go with Goodman due to price, but I don't want to buy garbage to regret it later. In other words, I don't need a Mercedes and happy to drive a Mazda, but definitely don't want to drive a Lada :-)
Advice appreciated.


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