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My Macgregor 26D interior DIY mod in daylight. New: cushions, floor, wall panels, window trim, daggerboard well panel, stereo, cabin and cockpit speaker install, two electrical panels, LED lights throughout, navigation tablet mount, sonar, compass, solar panel, dual battery hookup with level indicator etc. The only thing left is to install a small butane stove.

More photos here
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Almost completed interior mods to my Macgregor 26D sailboat. Here's a photo of interior at night with lights on. Photo made with my phone in very dim light so there are some artifacts like weird zigzag distortions etc., but it gives an impression off how cozier it is than the old stock interior.


Jul. 25th, 2016 11:48 am
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It doesn't seem that I'll have enough time and good weather to go sailing this week, so here are a few photos from recent sailings! I'm slowly getting used to the boat, learning to trust it and not panic when heeling One thing is to know that the boat is impossible to capsize and unsinkable by design, another thing entirely is actually heeling 35 degrees while sailing fast and close to the wind. The instinct is to shout a profanity and ease the main sheet to straighten up. What I should do is keep heeling to see that the boat is stable in that position, while ready to let go if needed. Well, we'll get to that yet.

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Yes, we did it! Me and [ profile] mihasik went on a maiden sailing voyage today on my Macgregor 26D. The wind was very strong (up to 17 knots and even stronger gusts) for a first voyage on this boat of two relatively inexperienced sailors. Had to figure a lot on the fly, including reefing the hell out of main sail in the strong wind with whatever lines were handy. We sailed on reefed main alone, and later when the wind got a bit more manageable on reefed jib as well. I had such an adrenaline rush that I'm just totally exhausted now. It was a success, but there is a lot to learn.

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Just applied name to my sailboat. Now, instead of a silly "Nauti Buoy" it's a majestic and musical "Violina" (my mother's name actually). The red burgundy color rhymes well with jib sail protective band, jib sheet, main sail cover etc. The boat definitely has a red accent theme going. Even new cabin cushions my mother made and new cabin stereo speakers are red. Now, what would be a correct procedure when renaming the boat? It I try to break a champagne bottle off the side of the boat - I'm afraid the boat will break first :-) There must be something else... Well, at least we'll drink to that tonight!

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Video on auto, basic color grading attempted in post, no other effects. I'm waiting for ND filter to bring shutter speed down in bright conditions, and will need to fine-tune settings to get the best video, but so far it looks pretty good. Will shoot flatter footage next time. Camera is rock-solid, steadicam gimbal works great, no vibration whatsoever. I kept the drone very close, so it's not a terribly exciting video, just a fist test.
I'm getting ready for the sailing season, doing some work on the sailboat. Last weekend me and my friend put the mast on the boat, connected rigging etc. It's taking shape :-) Hopefully will be ready to sail in a couple of weeks.


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